Monday, October 15, 2012

Worldwide AWP Accident Report

AWPT recently released third-quarter information about worldwide accidents on AWPs.

Between July-August 2012, there were six accidents that resulted in seven fatalities, bringing the 2012 total to 26 fatalities.  All of the third quarter accidents were with category 3b (mobile boom) machines.  The majority of the deaths occur in the United States.

Without strict requirements for what constitutes “appropriate training,” the United States cannot hope to lessen the number of fatalities due to AWPs.  Until the industry truly adopts a “safety first” approach to work, where training investments of both time and money are not shied away from, accidents due to operator error will continue.  With an estimated 85-88% of accidents occurring due to operator error, the necessity for clear, regulated training is obvious.

Are you appropriately trained to operate aerial lifts?  Are your employees?  Refer to the industry’s Best Practices guide on the topic.  Hopefully with more people receiving appropriate training, the number of fatalities due to AWP accidents will decrease.